Meet The Team

Just a couple of big guys.

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Alexander Dungate

Founder & Janitor

Alexander is a pretty good guy. For reference, see his Yelp profile. His Yelp ratings average 4.3/5 stars.


Matthew Leighton

Founder & U.F.O.

Matthew runs fast, turns left, sings, and does smart things.


Thomas Broatch

Founder & Pedal-Heads Professional

Thomas is good at Computer Engineering. Very good. But his true passion is teaching small children to ride bikes.


Sepand Dyanatkar

Founder & Hackerman

The character "Hackerman" in the hit film Kungfury, is based on Sepand.


Kieran Lumb

Junior Volunteer Back-Up Administrative Assistant

As a young child Kieran started to grind in his spare time. This grinding habit slowly became a serious addictions. Now, his grinding condition has progressed to the point that he is permanently on the grind. Medical professionals have tried several treatments, but for Kieran, the grind never stops.